Hello to Retirement.

Retirement is a discussion topic that everybody cannot get enough off, including myself. Over the years, I have been quietly stalking financial blogs for advice, tips and also, constantly looking at their published "achievements" on how much assets they have achieved thus far (and silently comparing theirs to mine). However, no matter how much reading I felt like I have done, I do not feel anymore ready than before. I realised this was because I do not actually sit down and crunch in the actual numbers for my projected cash flows during my golden years. Hence, I would like to help many others that feel the same as I do. I have designed a simple (no fancy formulas, it is very straightforward) Excel spreadsheet to help to calculate the total cash flows and shortfall for planning purposes.It is available for download for just SGD $9.90 (just treating me to my favourite bubble tea for my hard work lah!). I have put in screenshot of the file and my PayNow QR code (please remember to indicate your name under "Remarks" and leave me a message in this site with your contact details). I will email you the file within 1 working day upon receipt of the payment. If you have an urgent request, please drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.