It's the time of the year again! Double 11! BUY BUY BUY

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Hey, before you get all excited with me and lose yourself (and your savings) in the endless buying, perhaps we could take a deep breath and crystallized a list of to-buy things this 2021 11-11 sales. After all, right now we are in a sort of mid-COVID period right now. So, it would be preferable that we spend wisely. FI-RE always right?

OK, to be honest, I am not the strictest FIRE adopter that you'd find - as compared to serious FIRE bloggers in the online community. I have my wants and vanity fixes (necessary for my self esteem and sanity) because my personal belief is to live life at each stage of my life. I do not perceive life as only started AFTER I achieve FIRE or after my bank account has hit a certain figure. I try my best to live in the present and love my life every step of the way because after all, you only live once right? There's no going back. Also, happiness is not a pursuit but simply a mindset. If you believe you are happy, then you shall be (remember Matrix - the bending spoon theory? There is no spoon.) I believe with proper reasonable budgeting, I can live my life to the fullest and most importantly, enjoy my short lived moments on Earth. However, if a strict FIRE lifestyle makes you happy because you have more resources or time to pursue your other wants, then so be it. Have it your way and be happy! Nobody's judging.

Back to the things that I find most worth it to get on Double 11 (I am not being paid by any of the vendors below - below are just my honest opinion on what constitute worth-it buy),

Love Bonito - A local Singapore Brand! I would not describe their apparels as being "cheap" because their product price point mostly ranges from $30 to $70 for tops and dresses. Judging from today's standard for online apparels (price point), their product price point is slightly higher than the usual "Taobao price". Yet, I simply love them for their simpale yet sexy/classy designs and the materials that they used are of good quality and hence, they present as a value-for-money purchase for me. Also, you will notice that their apparels do somewhat "preserve" their value on Carousell if you decided to list them for sale when you would like to overhaul your wardrobe. Their sale starts on 3rd November- 12pm. But I have already went in and scoop up some comfy camisole on a 20% discount (it's a pre-double 11 sale) because why not right? For ladies who are new to this brand, please note that although they do "normally" offer return/exchange options (except for underwear, intimates etc), they might NOT offer return options for the upcoming sale items so please make sure that you have gone through the wordings carefully before checking out your cart. Also, they do not do refunds. Any accepted return/exchange will be in the form of store credits that expire 2 years later (based on their terms & conditions listed on the website).

Add 15% off min. spend $85, use code: GEM15

Add 20% off min. spend $120, use code: GEM20

Ends 12 Nov, 12pm SGT

Promo code is valid on sale items only.

*Sale items are not valid for returns or exchanges.

Watsons - To be fair, they have quite some mini "Member sale" on a regular basis so a discount is not that rare for them. But their double 11 sales are usually better than their usual "member sale" and usually the highest tier would be the best offer. I would stock up on daily necessities like facial wash, shampoo, eyeliners (I stopped wearing lipstick underneath the mask since COVID but people can still see my eyes so I am gonna continue to grab those eyeliners), supplements and sanitary pads (I could go on but I shall not bore you) on Double 11 and trust me when I say I'd stock up for a year because why spend more when you can save? Right now, they are offering some $11 deals/ 2nd buy at $11 from 2nd November to 8th November. I will wait till it is nearing to dive in because they usually have some deals closer to double 11).

RISIS - our own home grown Singapore brand. I love their beautiful preserved orchids and their latest saga seeds collection. I wouldn't use the word "cheap" as their products are mostly priced above SGD $100 but I would use the word "affordable for mass market". For ladies that are into saga seeds (nostalgic childhood memories), this is a good chance to grab their items at 11% discount. They offer free shipping too. If you are doing an early preparation for Christmas gifts, you can consider "stocking up" an item or two with the discount now. After all, Christmas is just next month.

Just to add, they have great after sales service as their CSO typically respond within a day. Keep up the great work!

So, enjoy your shopping and stay safe! XOXO

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