Latest Fixed Deposit rates vs SSB rates vs latest retail bond - Temasek 5 yr 1.8%

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

For Fixed Deposits:

Rollovers only:


Tenure: 18 months / 12 months / 10 months

Rate: 1.3% / 1.15% / 1.1%

Minimum amount: S$1,000

BUT it only apply to rollovers so no fresh funds allowed.

Fresh funds:

2. HLF

Tenure: 24 months

Rate: 0.8%

Minimum amount: S$20,000

3. Bank of China

Tenure: 24 months

Rate: 0.65%

Minimum amount: S$5,000

- No requirement to be rollovers only

For those looking for smaller placements,

4. ICBC (e-banking only)

Tenure: 12 months

Rate: 0.6%

Minimum amount: S$500

Fresh funds only


Tenure: 12 months

Rate: 0.55%

Minimum amount: S$500

- No requirement to be rollovers only

Latest Nov'21 SSB issuance:

1 yr return: 0.34%

10 yr average return: 1.45%

(Retail) Bonds:

- Temasek Financial (IV) Private Limited (Application closing on 22nd Nov, 12PM)

Rating: Aaa by Moody’s and AAA by S&P

Tenure: 5 years (Expected to mature on 24 November 2026, unless earlier redeemed and cancelled, or purchased and cancelled, as provided in the terms and conditions of the T2026-S$ Temasek Bond)

Rate: 1.8%, payable every six months

Minimum amount: S$1,000 or higher amounts in multiples of S$1,000

Issue price: S$1 per S$1(being 100% of the principal amount)

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