Grab Pay Card & Reward Points

Recently I came across this new Grab Pay card option and my adventurous spirit has prompted me to sign up for one. It (the actual physical card) has taken about a week to arrive in my letter box and I was pretty excited to explore it.

Firstly, the card looks a little different than your regular debit/credit card because there are simply no credit number or card details on the physical card. It is great for careless people. Other than that, it is a regular grey card - another addition to the exploding purse of mine. Oh wells.

After a simple activation via the QR code in their letter that came with the card, I was all ready to go. To start off, I topped up my Grab Pay wallet with $200 to start it off. After making a transaction at the clinic, I check in to my Grab Pay wallet and true enough, the $200 was deducted off my Grab Pay wallet. I had a passing thought that it could potentially go on credit. Silly me. As soon as the payment was made, I received an instant notification from Grab that I had received 1,000 GrabRewards Points for this GrabPay Card Challenge. Feeling please with myself, I went on to make a few more transactions today. In total, I have received 5,000 GrabRewards Points with the few transactions.

For those that are unfamiliar with the GrabRewards redemption, 5000 points could earn you 2 x $5 Guardian/Watsons voucher (both e-voucher and store vouchers are available). So effectively, using the GrabPay card could potentially earn you a one-time $10 rebate.

In the quest to search for bargains as usual, I explored other redemption options and found a value-for-points deal - 500 points for $50 voucher (minimum spending $200) off at Vestaire Collective. Vestaire Collective is a second hand luxury goods platform that has a huge product offering for any branded items that you can think of. For those familiar with Tiffany (yes, the colour that got named after them - Tiffany blue), you could potentially find a good bargain for a 925 silver open heart necklace there for less than SGD $150 (after shipping fees and all). So, if you are looking to please your significant other but would like to keep within your budget, it is worth considering this option with the $50 off voucher. Why spend more when you can spend less?

Again, I am not being paid for any of the vendor mentions above. Above are my personal honest opinion and please do your homework before committing your financial resources to anything (or anyone too I suppose).

Stay safe! XOXO

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